“Regardless of whether we are negotiating one deal or multiple deals simultaneously, Athena Law Group provides personalized 24/7 service, and helps our company achieve its sales goals quarter after quarter.” – Russ Notides, CFO, Rapt Inc.

Case Study:

Rapt was facing a strategic challenge: simultaneously negotiating and concluding three significant sales transactions in a single month. With transaction values exceeding six figures each, and with brand-name Fortune 500 customers demanding individualized approaches to business and legal terms, achieving a positive outcome on even a single transaction would require organization, high attention to detail, and almost unlimited availability.

Rapt turned to Athena Law Group for assistance. Whether the negotiations were scheduled at 5:00 am, or whether the daily post-negotiation postmortem was scheduled at 11:00 pm, Athena Law Group was always available, alert, and productive. All three transactions were successfully concluded on time, and within the allocated legal budget.