Whether you are launching a new business, or seeking to expand an existing enterprise, there are a myriad of legal and business issues to consider. From selecting the appropriate business structure and arranging for financing, to engaging in strategic transactions and adhering to regulatory requirements, navigating these complexities requires the advice of an experienced legal team.

The Athena Law Group is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and established entities achieve their business objectives. We combine the personal service of a small law firm with sophisticated legal representation to clients across multiple industries.

From Formation to Disposition and Everything In Between…

Our attorneys work closely with our clients throughout a company’s life cycle from initial conception and entity formation through revenue growth and change of control. We prepare the necessary foundational documents, assist with obtaining licenses, negotiate and prepare ownership, operating and employment agreements, and arrange for a variety of financings.  We also provide guidance on protecting trade secrets and the procurement and licensing of intellectual property assets.

The Athena Law Group team also provides ongoing, comprehensive advisory services to established enterprises. We offer guidance with restructurings and reorganizations as well as matters at the other side of the business cycle such as corporate and partnership dissolutions. We are dedicated to helping our clients make and implement the best solutions through every stage of a company’s evolution.

Transactional Attorneys That Get the Deal Done

The corporate law attorneys at Athena Law Group have extensive experience with a broad range of corporate transactions and negotiating and preparing underlying documentation. We work with parties on both sides of a contemplated transaction during the due diligence phase to resolve legal issues so that deals close smoothly and efficiently. In particular, we routinely structure a variety of merger and acquisitions, including:

  • Stock purchases
  • Buyouts
  • Secured financings
  • Restructurings
  • Spinoffs
  • Divestitures
  • Going private transactions
  • Tender offers

We are also well versed in the issues associated with these transactions including financing, antitrust concerns, intellectual property rights, corporate governance, and regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements

Athena Law Group’s corporate transactions team provides legal knowledge, sophisticated insight and objective analysis that helps our clients make the right business decisions. We work diligently to assess, mitigate and avoid the risks of a deal and always put our clients’ best interests and business goals first.

Your Strategic Legal Advisors and Business Partners

Athena Law Group LLP provides our clients with a team of skilled, knowledgeable, and creative attorneys who serve as legal advisors as well as long-term strategic business partners. We are dedicated to helping clients launch new ventures, engage in successful transactions and grow their businesses. In the end, navigating the contemporary marketplace demands the superior legal representation that our team is uniquely qualified to provide.