“Athena Law Group is committed to understanding our business objectives. Too many service providers focus on their own bottom line, without taking the time to get to know their clients and their specific needs. Athena Law Group takes the time to learn about our technology, our customers, and our business model. As a result, Athena Law Group becomes a member of our team.” – Scott Saklad, President, Computrition, Inc.”

Case Study:

Computrition had previously licensed content from a third party licensor, but decided that instead of continuing to license the content, it would be better to buy the IP and include it as part of Computrition’s own solution. The company’s history with the licensor was longstanding and shaky. Computrition turned to Athena Law Group to analyze the complex and detailed historical information and to propose a solution.

Athena Law Group assisted Computrition to extricate itself from the relationship with the original licensor, and to enter into a new, Athena-drafted agreement with a new IP provider to accomplish Computrition’s goal. The result was a “win-win” solution for all parties involved.