There is a vast sea of lawyers out there, the linear, plodding color-in-the-lines type. However, there are precious creative few who rise to the level of term “counselor,” who listen between the words to arrive at a recommended course of action. Athena Law Group has structured its entire practice around being able to do just that, deliver the level of professional and personal service that people used to expect from their attorneys. I have found Athena Law Group exceptionally attentive, diligent and relentless in the service of its clients. Unlike other firms where one can feel like a petty annoyance, Athena Law Group makes clients feel as if they are the most important case on the docket. Aside from Athena Law Group’s level of service and attention to the firm’s clients, this firm offers something that you simply cannot buy from the larger firms — attorneys who actually care personally about the client. Athena Law Group has been and will continue to be the first firm I turn to when I have a question or legal request. I recommend Athena Law Group highly.