“I want the best value for my outsourced services budget. With Athena Law Group on my team, I can focus on my job, knowing that I will receive just-in-time partner-level expertise at cost-effective rates. It’s like having in-house counsel in the office next to me, without the associated costs.” – Gary Potts, CFO, Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Case Study:

Satmetrix was negotiating one of the largest deals in its history, with a top-tier, multi-national energy company. The negotiation teams for both sides included a UK customer team and a German lawyer representing the customer. Satmetrix was concerned that high number of participants and competing agendas would prolong the negotiation process and drive up the transaction costs.

Athena Law Group fast-tracked the negotiation and successfully concluded the transaction on a critical time schedule. As a result, Satmetrix was able to immediately begin providing services to meet the customer’s requirements. The benefits to Satmetrix were clear: reduced negotiation cycles translated to reduced legal costs, and the ability to quickly implement the customer’s system translated to faster revenue recognition.